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Poem for my guy... untitled?
24 September 2008
I won't tell the guys you write
poetry and like to
cuddle afterwards; I know
that testosterone-induced reputation of yours.
Every cliche makes me miss you
wish you were
in my arms, that I could protect
you my protector
from the fire and mortar and sandstorms
I know that when you're home again, the first few days
I'll be a panic when you're
out of my sight; all those months
without as much as a glimpse
made me wonder if
you were real
and yet on the long drive home, five
shooting stars
caught my heartstrings and pulled,
carrying my wishes to whatever gods
still listen to us...
Despite the distance and
the dangers, I know
we can get through this - red white and
bruised we will rise above
to chase our daydreams into the daylight.
:iconfae:fae 1 3
20 March 2007
20 MARCH 2007
my toes become hands
     feeling in the dirt like a child,
what hides between stones,
         under sidewalks? Rediscovering
   soft earth
warm and damp with life
       reminds me of roots and
  iced tea and drumming
   on tree trunks with bare hands
echoing heartbeats
       everything is opening its eyes
        shaking off dust and stretching wide
                                  open to the sun and
                hope for deep waters and cool
             moments between bursts of heat
       listen to your soul for it is imminent
:iconfae:fae 1 4
love poem 2
6 NOVEMBER, 2006
through the branches I see the sky
pieces of a broken blue between black
      lace fingers
the voices of autumn speak to me,
a primal hum felt in the thick silence
    it is the season of dying
when the world is brass-colored,
sinking into the great white of winter
       I feel the emptiness of the world vividly now
  when there is nothing left to feel
the way I felt when you touched me,
tracing the outline with your fingers as if
       you didn't believe I was real
I wondered if you were, too
   when we kissed I was limitless,  
but there was nothing better then
(there's nothing better now) than to melt into you and
     hear your steady breathing as you slept
will you dream of me now?
now that I've taken all we had and buried it beneath
copper leaves and cold weather?
:iconfae:fae 1 1
another stab at love poetry
13 July, 2006
Sunlight filters golden
   through clouded glass and a
cream-colored shower curtain -
        tonight, everything is touched by Midas
  This crack in time has been
filled with a thousand secrets
         I will never tell,
     etched between head and heart lines
   as a new line, a code that will endure
       and change like stone.
Your tiger eyes illuminated me,
       spoke to me of windy
     summer whispers and afternoon
fingerprints left on the stars the night before...
             Because of those stolen minutes
        we shared
    I find myself craving the yellow moon
But it is still evening
     and all I have is this hopeful sunset.
:iconfae:fae 1 5
Amy - geek x a million by fae Amy - geek x a million :iconfae:fae 0 20
Ode to Saga and Atla
2 March, 2006
Ode to Saga and Atla
Pick at my skin,
     peeling away in layers
        like the bark of a tree to reveal
   a feminine soul, lying naked
              along the grain of the wood:
Her eyes are old, a wise
       shade of green sparked
      with blue; she is an earth dragon
            born in a water sign
  with two fish and a poet's heart.
This woman bathes in the mud
                          with the frogs,
                 caked and cracking open in the arms
of the afternoo
:iconfae:fae 0 1
footprints - book title poem
13 DECEMBER, 2005
--book title poem--
Through the mists of
     we see ourselves, reflected
   in the pools of wisdom
         underneath ancient eyebrows
                           orange like a setting
                 sunrise, thick
       and bitter like ocean air
We breathe in the memories
                           we'll never remember
     wondering how many pairs of
:iconfae:fae 0 1
From The Night, With Love
16 November, 2005
If the stars were cardboard cut-outs
leftovers from broken refridgerator
       boxes, I would paint them
              with the glow from your shadows,
sprung free out
            of royal purpled and
                innocent white grayed
        with misuse.
Those stars
              I would toss into the velvet sky,
  on the spiderwebs between
                       wispy clouds
and their reflection
in the sea-foam halos between
your sand-colored eyelashes
                      would make or break
                my universe.
:iconfae:fae 1 5
untitled poem
22 November, 2005
Inspired by a line from a poem in "Iraqi Poetry Today"; the line was "and left them at a low flicker".
She would turn to my dad
and say, in her best
        Aquarius voice, to "Take them, I can't
anymore." She used to
have a Princess Di hairdo, but
never the martyr spirit, though she canonized herself everyday.
       four days would go by, my
            little sisters' noseprints
          smudged on the front window
                  and I would dig up
              what maternal instinct I had at age
:iconfae:fae 1 4
untitled - cliche America poem
Amy Schroeder
22 August, 2005
Critique Piece
When I was Three times Three refugees
from a country across the sea crowding in tents on my
        television screen, one named
A is for Alba is for Albania, everything was misunderstood
                 in my brain, I had never heard of Kosovo before that moment
I felt like that famous statue
standing guard over New
                  York Harbor: "Bring me your tired, your hungry, your poor"
my little red white and blue
heart felt the weight of the world
pulling me down like insurgent bombs
my patriotism probed action in me
What is America?
I woke up today with the impulse to watch
the sun bleed its morning
    light onto these purple mountain majesties, turn
the city-street smog into amber
fields of waving w
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Peace Project
13 AUGUST, 2005
My world is mirrored
in this glacial lake
between alternating ripples
and second-hand mountains
that stretch towards
that quiet place some call Heaven
     and I call infinity
My human toes
dig trenches in the damp earth
      and imprinted on
weathered boulders
are my ancient fingerprints
dancing spirals and crossing lines -
I can feel this invisible boundary
between man and nature
built by patient cedars
whose wide-open arms
                embrace a cold August dawn
rugged, and utterly timeless
and I am dwarfed by their presence...
body and soul
I feel their breathing
a warm cloud on the back of my neck
and a distant drumbeat
    rumbles in my ankles and
       resonates in my knees
     Tan bodies once twirled out
a ritual
on this rock-strewn lakeshore
:iconfae:fae 0 9
Hopes Have Wings
1 March 2005
I keep my aspirations in a locked box
in the bottom drawer
behind the pencils
under the papers
with hidden sentences.
Only I have heard them singing.
When the moon spills
blue light on the dark wood floor
and the bruised sky leaks through the branches
of the taciturn trees
Do my fingers trace the sharp outline
of that prison, its antique bars
                      with fingerprints.
When the moon whispers
gentle words of encouragement
and the stars smile through
the magnified nighttime
Do those ambitions and longings
throw off their shrouds and leap forward
to dance, to sing, to cry,
to be.
At night, they roost near one another
across the bookshelf and
on the lampshades;
Their faery wings folding and unfolding in the darkness
a silent glow pulsing in their bodies.
I sleep knowing that they will have disappeared by dawn;
returned to th
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United States
Current Residence: Lakewood, Colorado; college in Fort Collins
Favourite genre of music: I listen to a lot of everything except gansta rap and manufactured pop
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Wallpaper of choice: I prefer paint to wallpaper.
Favourite cartoon character: Daria... can't go wrong with Daria.
Personal Quote: "I will not grow up. You cannot make me." - Peter Pan
  • Listening to: Ray Charles - "Georgia On My Mind"
  • Reading: Neil Gaiman - 'Anansi Boys'
  • Drinking: ich liebe Wasser!
Hey all.

My new DevART page is achromaticsea ... please add me there instead!

I just got tired of reading all of my old crappy poetry from seven years ago and decided it was time to start over on a clean slate.

Maybe I'll actually write stuff again and post it... you never know!!

- Amy


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